Thursday, October 20, 2011


Dylan has grown up around prayer. When he was really little, we encouraged him to fold his arms for prayers. As soon as he started talking, he would follow with a little "amen" of his own (which at church was quite loud and usually caused some chuckles around us). Then he discovered he could close his eyes...

Nowadays, when you say it's prayer time he clasps his little hands and closes his eyes. If you don't start right away he'll move his head like he's looking around for you, but he won't open his eyes. Seriously, it's the cutest thing ever. Maybe I'll have to get it on video.

Lately we've been encouraging him to say the dinner prayer. It started with him repeating simple things we told him to say, but he quickly picked up the general format and would sometimes say things before we prompted him to.

Last night, he took it to a new level... We asked him to say the prayer. He started it all by himself. Then Shane said, "Thank you..." and Dylan finished, "for this day." (Yeah, yeah, we should probably mix it up a bit since he already says this by default every time he prays). Then he went on...

"Thank you for Meg, Henry, and Richard..."

[Meg is his babysitter (he had just arrived home from her house) and Henry and Richard are her boys (in junior/high school) that play with him when they get home from school. Obviously he LOVES them.]

We both melted. It was so sweet hearing it in his little voice.

Completely unrelated to prayers, but related to the cuteness of Dylan at dinner last night... I had cut my finger while making dinner, so I was wearing a band-aid at the table. Dylan knows band-aids mean "owies." He noticed on my finger, pointed to it, then said, "Mommy owie?"

After I told him yes, I had an owie, his face got all sad and he said, "Oh... Mommy owie... Me so sad..." in his saddest little voice.

We love this boy.


Nat said...

Alright, Dylan has always been super cute but this takes the cake!

Megan said...

That is the cutest thing I've ever heard.